Short term Monitoring

Hospitals and emergency services

Biobeat's short term monitoring solution is based on our disposable chest-monitor. This solution enables monitoring of all patients through one cloud-based platform, stretching the continuum of care and providing easy, non-invasive monitoring of vital signs.


Biobeat's chest-monitor

Disposable, hospital-oriented product 

Designed for single patient use to avoid transmission of diseases 

Separate sticker and sensor capsule for easy removal and replacement

Battery life of up to 7 days

Biobeat's chest-monitor measures and records the following parameters:

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Contact us for more information 

Biobeat's web platform

Cloud based

Accessible from any web platform

Smart alert system

Customizable thresholds for each vital sign and each patient 

Department dashboard

View and manage your whole department from one screen

View graphs and historical data for each vital sign and each patient 

Early Warning Score System

EWS based on NEWS.


Export reports for the whole department at the click of a button

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