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In Hospital Monitoring

In Hospital Monitoring

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Solution overview:

Biobeat's in-hospital monitoring solution is based on our disposable chest-monitor and enables accurate monitoring of all patients through one cloud-based platform, expanding the continuum of care and providing easy, non-invasive monitoring of vital signs.

Once a patient is hospitalized, the Biobeat chest-monitor is attached to the patient’s chest and 14 cardio-pulmonary vital signs measurements appear in real time, including: blood pressure, blood saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature.  All measurements and trends can be viewed through the Biobeat Web Platform, allowing the management of an unlimited number of patients through one intuitive platform.



If and when there are changes in vital signs below or above the pre-defined and customized thresholds, the system, backed with an AI engine and supportive data, provides an alert and an early warning score for the medical staff observation and preventive treatment.

Our advantages:

Our system eliminates the need for multiple wired devices, frequent spot-checks of vital signs and manual data entry done by the medical staff. Using Biobeat’s platform, the patient’s data syncs directly into the hospital EMR system, reducing human errors and freeing up time for health care providers to complete other tasks.

The chest monitor provides a comfortable user experience for the patients, enabling them to freely move around and rest without interruptions.

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