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Biobeat Innovative Heart Monitor Watch - Reducing risks Associated with Cardiovascular Disease

Updated: Feb 28


Patients suffering from cardiovascular disease (CVD) are required to monitor the health status of their hearts on a regular basis in order to keep track of their ongoing health. For long-term monitoring, at-home monitoring of the heart is proving to be the most safe, efficient, and effective. Mainly due to the fact that it minimizes the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases.

This is because with remote patient monitoring (RPM ), significant improvement has been seen in patient outcomes. Reports show that the use of RPM devices in CVD can lead to reductions in blood pressure, predict heart failure (HF) decompensation, and detect arrhythmia early to enable faster interventions.

With heart disease affecting about 121.5 million adults in the US alone and also being the leading cause of death for this population, RPM for patients with CVD can be viewed as a significant preventative step prior to a CVD diagnosis and, can help patients already suffering from CVD live healthier and longer lives, reducing both hospitalizations and mortality.

However, monitoring the heart from home, is not without its challenges.

Here’s why:

It’s a well-recognized fact that patients do not always know how to use the equipment provided to them by their practitioners. They can unwillingly set it up incorrectly, or read it wrongly, leading to all kinds of compliance issues, which can be misleading and potentially dangerous. As a result, many patients with home monitoring systems require at home nurse visits, in order to mitigate the risk of incorrect readings. This is extremely costly with regards to resources and nurses are not always available. Additionally, trying to solve this issue with remote video calls also causes for low compliance and efficacy due to the fact that patients need to be relied up to turn up on time for the call, which is not always a fail-safe method for practitioner-patient care. In short - dropping the ball here, can also prove dangerous for the patient.

Biobeat transcends all of these issues with its Heart Rate Wrist Monitor.

Heart Monitor Watch

How Biobeat's Heart Monitor Watch works?

With Biobeat’s heart monitor watch, there is no room for human error. The system works on the fail-safe method of automated heart monitoring via a simple four step implementation plan:

  • The patient is provided with the device to collect vitals and general health data. The device is electronically connected either via Bluetooth or cellular network.

  • The patient wears the device at home and all heart (and other vital data) is continuously monitored and recorded.

  • The device transmits all the relevant data to the healthcare provider digitally and electronically.

  • The healthcare provider analyzes the received data and provides the patient with relevant health and wellness guidance and instructions.

With Biobeat’s Heart Monitor Watch, all data is continuously monitored and transmitted. Compliance and accuracy are guaranteed and there is no single point of failure for relaying the information back to the practitioner – it’s all done automatically.

And that’s not all. Biobeat’s Heart Monitor Watch collects more than just the heartbeat. It gives a fully comprehensive overview of the patient’s health:

Heart Monitor Watch - vitals and parameters

Biobeat Heart Monitor Watch Benefits

The benefits of such a system are clear and far-reaching, benefiting patients, practitioners and healthcare facilities, saving time, reducing workload, improving health and wellbeing and significantly lowering costs:

Biobeat Heart Monitor Watch Benefits

With the Biobeat Heart Monitor Watch, patients are free to go about their day, safe in the knowledge that their health is in good hands and that they are free from the constraints of worrying about setting up systems, taking readings and reporting readings.

Biobeat Heart Monitor Watch provides both freedom and peace of mind, two things that were previously unobtainable. Patients get a new lease on life and healthcare practitioners are able to mitigate health issues before they escalate, saving the healthcare system millions in potential costs.

biobeat wrist monitor

For more information on Biobeat RPM technology, devices, applications, and systems and a live demo, contact:



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