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The next generation of health-AI

Generating clinical data.

Providing personalized medicine

Biobeat’s solution uses health-AI and ML on big-data in order to provide actionable insights on patient care. More than just analyzing the data, Biobeat also generate it, using our proprietary sensor for continuous monitoring of vital signs unique to Biobeat. 

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AI system for early deterioration detection

Providing an Early Warning Score with customized thresholds per patient and scenario, able to identify changes in vitals and alert on high risk patients

AI decision

support tool

Access to real-time patient data paired with AI capabilities to provide insights on trends and bring efficiency into the process of healthcare delivery


Optimization of data collection, providing medical staff the required clinical data instantly


The patient data collected via Biobeat’s devices allows healthcare practitioners to adopt a data-driven approach to personalized medicine

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Vital Monitoring And Data Collection Tool

Biobeat is able to collect millions of data-points per patient per day.

This is enabled through our proprietary data collection tools, taking the form of a wrist-monitor or a chest-monitor.  Both devices are based on our PPG sensor, which is developed in-house and patented globally.

Each of these devices is able to measure 14 vital signs, 
continuously, wirelessly and in real time.




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In Hospital Monitoring
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Hospital at Home
Clinical Trials and Research
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Ambulatory Services 
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