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Ambulatory Services

Ambulatory Services 

Mobile phone with a chest monitor
Short term

Over 1 billion people worldwide have hypertension.
It is diagnosed with an ABPM - an uncomfortable and cumbersome device.


Biobeat’s solution for providing Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring is based on Biobeat’s chest-monitor, our disposable, single-patient-use device. The patient simply receives the device, pairs it to the mobile app, uses it and disposes of it.

At the end of the monitoring period, a report is automatically generated and sent through the cloud to the health care provider.

Using Biobeat’s solution:

  • No need to physically meet patients in order to conduct the tests

  • No waiting list

  • Does not interfere with the patient's daily routine

  • Report automatically generated and sent to expert for analysis

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)

a mobile application with a chest monitor a package

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