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The Biobeat Cuffless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

Updated: May 30

Knowing vital parameters of your patients, such as blood pressure, can be extremely important to their continued or improved health. Though your patients can find blood pressure monitors at local drug stores or shops, or even at your own hospital or office, they are all cuff-based devices, resulting in inconvenience and lack of compliance. If you are a doctor or hospital representative who has patients requiring consistent blood pressure monitoring, the Biobeat Cuffless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor could be right for you.

Biobeat Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Technology - How Does it Work?

Biobeat has designed an exclusive and proprietary photoplethysmography-based (PPG) sensor, which not only measures blood pressure, but it has the capabilities to read a dozen other health parameters.

Which Vital Signs can the Monitor Measure?

This Biobeat wrist monitor really is spectacular. With this device, you can get information on the following patient vitals, and much more:

vital signs - wrist blood pressure monitor

The Blood Pressure Monitor Watch is the Solution You Need for Real Time Continuous Monitoring

Patient monitoring is essential in many cases, but what is the best solution for those patients who need to monitor their blood pressure consistently and continuously? It’s the Biobeat Wrist Monitor. Not only does this device monitor patient blood pressure in real time, but it also has features that other devices simply don’t offer, including a patient management platform, which monitors health and alerts to any potential health deterioration. Since this information is available in real time, changes to things like medications, lifestyle, or even the need for emergency services can be done immediately.

Real time monitoring - Biobeat

The Biobeat Blood Pressure Monitor Watch is a Perfect Solution in a Pandemic Weary World

Social distancing is the “new normal,” and during this world-wide Covid-19 pandemic, we need to limit our interactions with others as well as possible. To take a patient’s blood pressure in the office, for instance, you must be pretty close and not maintain any type of social distancing. With the Biobeat Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, those days are gone; the patient’s BP can be monitored from afar without any need for face-to-face interaction, and you can see the vitals in real time.

The Main Advantages of the Biobeat Wrist Monitor

When we take a look at how the Biobeat Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor compares to devices from competitors, we can see the superiority of this device:

More vitals – This blood pressure monitor from Biobeat monitors more vital signs than competitors.

Both in-hospital and home-monitoring solutions – By cutting down on hospital re-admissions, you can reduce patient recovery times.

Patient convenience – With these monitors, patients no longer have interference with their daily routines, and they can get on with their lives instead of worrying about getting their blood pressure taken at a doctor’s office or hospital.

Automatically reported – Finally, when there is an issue or problem with the patient’s vital signs, the monitor immediately alerts and reports the inconsistency, and quick action can be taken.

If you are ready to learn more about how the Biobeat Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor can benefit your patients, reach out for more information, today.

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