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Biobeat’s solution for clinical trials and research enhances clinical data access using our remote monitoring devices alongside our AI tools that are based on experience with more than 10,000 patients and subjects monitored to date, and millions of generated vital sign data sets. Our research platform is currently being used by the world’s biggest pharma companies, CROs, and research organizations.

The Biobeat solution employs either the wrist-monitor or the chest-monitor. In some cases even both devices are used, depending on the duration and location of the study. The solution

for each study is tailored per need and is suitable for use in facilities or at the subject’s home.  Due to the high comfort level of the devices and the minimal upkeep the devices require, the solution is convenient and comfortable for the subject/patient, leading to high compliance rates.

The seamless data capture by the Biobeat devices and web management platform reduces human error, as well as the time and effort required for manual data collection. Our solution improves the study’s safety and efficacy in clinical data collection.

A mobile application with a wrist monitor

Clinical Trials and Research

Clinical Trials and Research

A doctor conduction a clinical research using a biobeat wrist monitor

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