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Biobeat Has Completed Integration with Epic!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Integration of Biobeat with Epic enables seamless data transfer and enhances the staff's vital signs checks workflow

Today, Biobeat, a renowned worldwide frontrunner in wearable RPM solutions for the healthcare continuum, has announced the successful integration of its Epic EHR platform. This achievement represents a momentous leap for Biobeat's foothold in the US healthcare system, opening doors for widespread adoption beyond existing pilot programs and use cases.

With this seamless integration, patients' vital signs can now be directly transferred from Biobeat RPM devices to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, alleviating the burden on medical staff and streamlining their workflow. The Biobeat team estimates that utilizing their devices and system in hospital settings can save up to 90 minutes per day per medical staff member from the routine vital signs checks. This will enable medical professionals to focus more on delivering personalized patient care and achieving better outcomes.

Key Features of the Integration:

Seamless Transfer of Vital Sign Data:

The integration facilitates the smooth transfer of vital sign data from Biobeat RPM devices to the hospital's EHR system.

Workflow Enhancement:

The integration simplifies and enhances the workflow of medical staff, enabling them to prioritize patient care and improve outcomes.

Time and Cost Savings:

By reducing the time needed for vital sign checks, the integration helps hospitals save costs and optimize resource utilization.

Rich Health Data: T

he platform generates an extensive amount of health data, with up to 1,440 data points per vital sign per day. This data can be valuable for research purposes and tools related to patient deterioration.

*Disclaimer – Epic does not endorse or recommend the Biobeat platform. Epic is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.



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