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Exciting Collaboration: Best Buy Health - Current Health Teams Up With Biobeat

Biobeat’s wrist and chest monitors will be featured as one of the technology solutions for

healthcare organizations utilizing Current Health to scale their care at home capabilities.

Biobeat’s monitors continuously provide accurate patient readings of 13 health parameters,

including cuffless blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, stroke

volume, cardiac output, one lead ECG (only chest-monitor) and more. Data collected using

Biobeat’s monitors will then integrate with Current Health, a care at home platform acquired by Best Buy in 2021, which enables care teams to monitor and manage patients at home across clinical conditions and acuity levels.

"Current Health enables healthcare organizations to personalize the delivery of healthcare at home solutions, and we are thrilled that Biobeat’s wearables will be integrated as a technology solution that is available for remote patient monitoring. This milestone will further strengthen Biobeat’s footprint with healthcare providers throughout the United States and will provide clinicians with the ability to monitor patient vital signs of patients outside of the clinical care setting," commented Arik Ben Ishay, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biobeat.

“Technology is a crucial component of delivering care to patients and improving their

experiences and outcomes," states Chris McGhee, CEO of Current Health. “We are excited to continuously improve our remote patient monitoring offering to make receiving care in the home a simplified experience for patients and providers.”



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