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Biobeat is a part of "TGH at Home", an innovative Hospital-at-Home program by Tampa General

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Biobeat expresses immense excitement at its involvement in the groundbreaking "TGH at Home" initiative, a pioneering Hospital-at-Home program orchestrated by Tampa General Hospital. This partnership signifies a remarkable leap forward in healthcare innovation and patient-centered services. At the heart of this collaboration lies Biobeat's wireless chest-monitors, which will play a pivotal role in facilitating Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for the participants enrolled in the program.

This integration of cutting-edge technology into the realm of healthcare marks a significant advancement in patient care, with a sharp focus on addressing individual needs and enhancing the recovery journey. Through Biobeat's state-of-the-art platform, the dedicated "TGH at Home" care team, comprising skilled doctors and nurses, establishes and maintains a constant connection with each patient. This continuous interaction empowers the medical professionals to closely track and evaluate the patient's medical condition remotely.

Furthermore, this real-time monitoring capability enables the swift implementation of any necessary adjustments to the patient's treatment plan, fostering an environment conducive to optimal recovery and well-being. In essence, Biobeat's collaboration with "TGH at Home" not only signifies a seamless fusion of medical expertise and technological innovation but also underscores a shared commitment to redefining traditional healthcare paradigms. By championing patient-centric care that extends beyond the confines of a hospital, this initiative sets a remarkable precedent for the future landscape of healthcare delivery.



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