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Prof. Eisenkraft is involved in Military Medicine R&D efforts for more than two decades, starting as field physician in the IDF Medical Corps, and recently retiring as the Head of the NBC Protection Division of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, where he was leading national research and development programs in CBRN medicine. Since 2008, Prof. Eisenkraft serves as a SME and a special advisor to the Disaster and Preparedness Division of the Israeli Ministry of Health in CBRN Medicine. In 2013, he establishing the Institute for Research in Military Medicine at the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, Jerusalem, and in 2019 he was appointed as Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Military Medicine, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, where he is still active in R&D related to pre-hospital emergency care. Prof. Eisenkraft is leading the clinical and regulatory efforts of Biobeat.


Sep 7, 20231 min
Clinical validation of a wearable respiratory rate device
We are thrilled to introduce our most recent research publication. The primary aim of this investigation was to validate the precision of...

May 6, 20237 min
Leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring For Decentralized Clinical Trials
Over the past few years, remote patient monitoring (RPM) has gained traction as an effective way to improve clinical outcomes in...

Mar 28, 20231 min
Real-time detection and an early warning score using a continuous wearable multi-parameter monitor
Currently-used tools for early recognition of clinical deterioration have high sensitivity, but low specificity and are based on...

Jan 17, 20231 min
Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring Recognition of Early Response Patterns to Diuresis in CHF Patients
There are no clear guidelines for diuretic administration in heart failure (HF), and reliable markers are needed to tailor treatment....

Oct 30, 20225 min
How Biobeat is Transforming the 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) experience for both hypertension patients & doctors
ABPM: Who needs it? How is ABPM traditionally performed? The unique data provided by 24-hour ABPM The main benefits of Ambulatory Blood...

Jul 7, 20221 min
Influence of Sex, BMI, and Skin Color on the Accuracy of Non-Invasive Cuffless Photoplethysmography
The objective of this observational comparison study was to assess the accuracy of blood pressure (BP) measurements obtained from...

Jun 14, 20221 min
Usability of a Wearable RPM Device for the Early Detection of In-Hospital Patient Deterioration
Patients admitted to general wards are vulnerable to deterioration, and timely detection of such deterioration is critical to their...

May 16, 20221 min
Biobeat is transforming the medical RPM leaving the Big Tech behind. Interview with Prof. Eisenkraft
As we mark today World Hypertension Day, we are happy to share an interview between Prof. Arik Eisenkraft, MD, MHA, and Stela Nikolova...

May 1, 20223 min
Biobeat Innovative Heart Monitor Watch - Reducing risks Associated with Cardiovascular Disease
Overview How Biobeat's Heart Monitor Watch Works? Biobeat Heart Monitor Watch Benefits Overview Patients suffering from cardiovascular...

Apr 17, 20224 min
Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor - Gamechanger for both Patients & Doctors
How has blood oxygen been traditionally measured? Introducing Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitors NextGen Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring...

Mar 27, 20226 min
Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor
How Continuous bp Monitor are Significantly Reducing the Burden of Hypertension Disease Blood Pressure 101 Traditional blood pressure...

Mar 27, 20224 min
Telemetry monitoring in hospitals
Why Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is the New Telemetry How has telemetry traditionally been implemented? Telemetry in cardiac care in...

Mar 13, 20223 min
The Biobeat Cuffless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watch
Biobeat Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Technology - How Does it Work? Which Vital Signs can the Monitor Measure? The Wrist Blood Pressure...

Jan 12, 20227 min
Remote Patient Monitoring Devices in healthcare
Why (RPM) technology enables better care from practitioners and better outcomes for patient Introduction to Remote Patient Monitoring...


Prof. Arik Eisenkraft


VP Clinical & Regulation

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