Medical grade device

Medical Grade Device


Small, Quiet, and Discreet

Blood pressure report

Comprehensive Blood Pressure Report


Single 24 Hour Use

The 24BP kit includes:

  • Single-use chest-patch 
  • Instructions manual


To use the 24BP kit you will need:

  • A standard  regulatory approved blood pressure cuff used for device calibration*
  • A supported mobile device (See the list below) 


*Blood pressure cuff is not included

24BP Kit

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99.00$Sale Price
  • Pre-order now - Delivery November 2021

    24BP is a 24 hour, ambulatory blood pressure kit.
    Measure your blood pressure as you move around, living your normal daily life by attaching a compact, wearable sensor to your chest.

    Get a full, digital, blood-pressure profile report after a 24 hour session. 

 Comfortable, Discreet, Easy to Use

Download the 24BP mobile app


24BP mobile app
24BP mobile app

Calibrate the chest-patch


Chest patch

Attach and wear for 24 hours



Get a full blood pressure report


Comprehensive blood pressure assessment

A full blood pressure profile using 24BP

Measuring your blood pressure intermittently during the day has become a frequently-used method for the diagnosis of hypertension, one of the most impactful risk factors in the world today.

24-hour blood pressure measurement provides a more comprehensive assessment of blood pressure changes during daytime and nighttime. 

The 24BP chest-patch allows you to keep your daily routine without any interruptions.

Frequet blood pressure measurement

Frequent measurements for a complete picture

As opposed to isolated blood pressure measurement in the clinic or at home, frequent blood pressure measurements allow more accurate characterization of the 24-hour blood pressure pattern, especially when performed during activities of daily living.


A full blood pressure profile using 24BP

Use 24PB to get a clear idea of how your blood pressure changes throughout the day and share detailed information with your physician for deeper insights and actions.