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Biobeat joins forces with the global war on Covid-19

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Challenges in COVID-19:

  • Overburdened medical teams (even prior to COVID-19)

  • Lack of ICU beds 

  • Working under new and unfamiliar rules 

  • Physiological burden under PPE throughout 12 hour shifts 

  • Fear of infection and infecting (especially of family members)

  • Feeling of helplessness, being unable to help isolated patients 

  • Using several devices in order to collect a small number of vitals through direct contact with patients 

  • Lack of early warning of a patient's deterioration 

Our advantages in combating COVID-19:

  • Reduce contact between healthcare providers and patients (RPM)

  • Enable continuous/adjustable measurement rate

  • Provide the most important vitals relevant to COVID-19

  • Display an Early Warning Score

  • Minimize disease transmission through a completely disposable device

  • Enable safe home hospitalization

  • Allow easy deployment - set up a whole department within 1 hour

  • Act as a robust clinical decision support tool 

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