Ambulatory Services

Biobeat's disposable chest-monitor can be used to monitor and generate specific patient reports such as a Medical Sleep Lab and an ABPM.

Medical Sleep Lab


Medical Sleep Lab

Track and monitor sleep parameters and vitals signs to generate a medical sleep report 

Patient sleeps in the comfort of their own bed, creating an authentic sleep report

Each patient receives their own chest-monitor, eliminating wait times and unpleasant experiences with a used device

Chest-monitor is easily attached and immediately activated by connecting to the Biobeat app

Chest-monitor is simply discarded at the end of the monitoring period

A report is automatically generated and sent to the healthcare provider through the Biobeat cloud 


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

The chest-monitor patch is a medical-grade, wireless replacement to the traditional ABPM.

Generate a truly continuous blood pressure report, for the first time. 

Receive blood pressure measurements every 5 seconds throughout 24 full hours - seeing data not seen before during sleep and daily activities.

View data for a wide range of vital signs including stroke volume, cardiac output and heart rate variability in addition to blood pressure.

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