• Keeps you safe.

  • Keeps you safe.


Biobeat combines reflective Pulse Oximetry technology with a uniquely improved algorithm to allow for constant and precise measurements to be taken in a non-invasive manner.

  • Pulse Oximetry

    is a non-invasive process used to measure blood oxygen saturation levels (SPO2) by monitoring the percentage of hemoglobin (Hb), which Read More

  • Biobeat

    Biobeat combines the reflective Pulse Oximetry technology with a uniquely improved algorithm to allow for constant and precise measurements to be Read More

  • Uniqueness

    The technology used for Biobeat solutions is unique because it measures vital signs the smart way: Read More

Smart Monitoring.

Accurately. Continuously.


Biobeat develops a cutting-edge wearable monitor for remote non-invasive accurate medical-grade monitoring of vital signs and other medically relevant parameters

Biobeat’s system facilitates remote monitoring of patients with a variety of medical issues. Ultimately, Biobeat’s solution allows patients to be treated at the comfort of their homes, rather than in the hospital. Biobeat’s solution allows for monitoring of stationary patients, but also patient who are up and about including during outdoor activities.

It is our mission harness technology to allow for cheaper, better and more convenient patient care.

Biobeat watch

  • Heart Rate
  • Saturation SPO2
  • Continuous blood pressure
  • Pulse pressure
  • Stroke volume
  • Cardiac output
  • Systemic vascular resistance
  • Fall alarm
  • Sleeping quality
  • Sweat
  • Body temperature
  • Steps & calories
  • Respiratory rate
  • Heart rate variability

Biobeat watch / technical details

  • Axis Accelerometer
  • Event Mark Button
  • Waterproof
  • Communication: BT, WIFI, RF, Cellular
  • Recording memory

Our Game Changer

24/7 Monitoring

Biobeat introduces a new concept of continuous vital-signs measurements ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. Biobeat’s wearable automatically uploads monitoring data to a smartphone based app and to the cloud, where it can be monitored remotely. Caretakers may intervene as signs raise alert and user may receive alerts directly from the app. This provides caretakers with an important tool to assist in disease management and to optimize clinical outcomes.

Data history

Biobeat’s solution collects your data in real time, all the time, and saves it in Biobeat’s cloud based data-center. Biobeat keeps your information and presents you the data graphically in an easily comprehensible manner.

How does it work




Bio beat watch measures your patients 128 measurements per second and send their data in Number of communication options like BT, WIFI, RF, Cellular



Bio beat’s App allows your patients to see their measures in real time, and get alerts if something is goes beyond the definition you set.



All the data goes to Bio Beat’s cloud and give you and your patients access to the history data

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Meet the team

  • ARIK

    Arik Ben Ishay, Founder & CEO

    Lawyer, accountant, paramedic

    Former Managing Director of startups in the Rocket and Space Department of the Ministry of Defense,Managing Director of the Hardware and Software Division.

  • Johanan-May

    Johanan May, Founder & Executive V.P- CTO

    Aeronautical engineer

    Former Managing director of IoT division.
    Extensive experience in a very large scale of technological fields.

  • Israel Sarussi, Founder & VP R&D

    Electronics Engineer

    Has a rich experience of more than two decades in the field of medical device, and
    Bio sensing in particular

  • Arik

    Dr. Arik Eisenkraft, MD, MHA

    Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Eisenkraft is involved in Military Medicine R&D efforts for more than two decades, starting as field physician in the IDF Medical Corps, and recently retiring as the Head of the Medicine Branch at the NBC Protection Division of the Israeli Ministry of Defense

  • Dr. Dan J. Gelvan, Chairman

    Ph.D. in Business Economics

    Seasoned healthcare venture capitalist
    Former Managing Director of Aurum Ventures
    Extensive experience as founder and executive medical companies




Biobeat solutions have been approved by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and adhere to the CE Marking Standards of the European Commission.

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Fax: 077-4701636
Email: info@bio-beat.com